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If you're trying to frighten me, you've succeeded.

Before we get too far into 2013, I'd like to clear out some of the films that I taped off TCM in 2012 (and, in some cases, even earlier). Tonight's selection is Run for the Sun, a variation on The Most Dangerous Game from 1956 that was directed by Roy Boulting (working independently from his brother John) and written for the screen by Boulting and Dudley Nichols. They're in no hurry to get to the hunt, though. Rather, they open with plucky American Jane Greer flying in to San Marcos (located somewhere in Central America) in search of reclusive author Richard Widmark, a rugged individualist suffering from a severe case of writer's block.

As it turns out, Greer's on assignment for a magazine that wants the scoop on what Widmark's been up to since he dropped out of sight, but in the process of getting the story she has a change of heart and decides to leave him be. Naturally, he insists on flying her out personally, which is a nice gesture, but en route to Mexico City they run out of fuel and crash land near the jungle hideout of Trevor Howard and Peter van Eyck, who turn out to be in self-exile for a different reason. Widmark and Greer don't take to being held captive, though, and attempt an escape, hacking their way through the jungle with Howard and van Eyck (and their pack of vicious dogs) in hot pursuit. A cracking good thriller and a novel take on an oft-told story.
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